Planning for contingencies of untimely deaths, disabilities, sicknesses or injuries is as important as saving for one’s retirement. As professionals through Luis R. Quinones Insurance Agency Inc. and Lincoln Financial Securities, we are able to provide our clients with a diversified group of companies that we believe are the backbone of the Life, Disability and Long Term Care Insurance industry. Each product that is bought by our client has a purpose in their financial situation, covering a specific area of the financial planning process. Please click on the following topics for a brief description of the three areas.



Life Insurance

Its main use as a risk management tool is to protect our heirs and loved ones from and unforeseen loss. Since each family has their unique situation, Life Insurance can be used for many different reasons, like paying off


Disability Insurance

Like we mentioned before, you must have a strategy in place to plan for a contingency like being disabled and not being able to work. Some clients have strategies that are paid through their employers; some are provided by the government.


Long Term Care

We all have been faced with the situation of having a family member ill, and have watched the compli- cations it can create in our daily living. An example of this could be the care of your loved ones, like caring for your