Investments and advisory services are offered through representatives of Lincoln Financial Securities.


Our Goal
Our main goal in working with our clients is to make sure we establish a clear foundation between the potential return of an investment and the risk assumed for that potential return.

This process has many different components, as described below, and becomes and educational experience, in which the more informed and knowledgeable about the investments our clients are, the chance of them making better decisions increase.


An (IPS) Investment Policy Statement is created and developed for us to establish your investment roadmap. This will be a consequence of a number of factors, including:

  • Time Horizon – short term or long term
  • Tax Efficiency – if the account is taxable, tax deferred, or tax exempt
  • Risk Tolerance – volatility willing to be assumed
  • Diversification – who pays my interest? This is an important question because we must choose investments that are not all correlated to one another. That is one way of reducing volatility. An example of areas where we invest are the following:
    • › Real Estate – commercial
    • › Corporations – issued stocks or bonds
    • › Governments, municipalities & agencies – issue bonds
    • › Insurance Companies – annuities
  • Monitoring – The IPS must be review at least annually, or as the client’s need dictates.