Qualified Plans

Our Qualified Plan division is one of the cornerstones of Quinones Financial Group, LLC. Luis Sr. became very knowledgeable at a young age with ERISA law (Employment Retirement and Income Security Act) created in 1973; the law that regulates all qualified plans for private businesses. He built plans that have been with the firm for more than 30 years. As we continue to expand, so have our services. Focusing on these areas we differentiate ourselves, by giving customized alternative and solutions to employers.

  • > Design, consultation and implementation of pension plans
  • > Plan Installation
  • > Investment Policy Statement (Help develop or review)
  • > Seminars: Asset Allocation, Exit Strategies, Financial Planning
  • > Meetings with the Investment Committee (Investment Review, Plan Operation, Pension law updates)

We also help the employers choose the appropriate provider for them. After a thorough analysis, including plan cost, the cost of the administration, investment expenses and fiduciary oversight, we are able to deliver a platform that is designed to meet the needs of the employer, for the ultimate benefit of their company and their employees.  Only after a detailed analysis are we able to make prudent recommendation as to what plan is the best plan for the company, which provider should be used, it’s Investment Policy, and administration costs.

* Asset allocation is an investment strategy that attempts to balance risk versus reward by adjusting the percentage of each asset in an investment portfolio according to the investors risk tolerance, goals and investment time frame. It does not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss in a declining market

**We can’t offer fiduciary services on behalf of ERISA plans